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Which winger should be bought: Diego Perotti or Dries Mertens

With Wolfsburg hesitant to sell Perisic, Inter are looking to raid either Genoa or Napoli for a new winger.

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

It has been abundantly clear for most of the summer that Mancini wants wingers in his team this season, especially now considering the sale of Shaqiri to Stoke City (or in spite of this transfer, depending on who you ask). Ivan Perisic has been linked with Inter for quite some time now and Mancini, Ausilio, and Perisic's agent have previously confirmed that they are interested in bringing him to the club. The problem is that Wolfsburg has been less than keen on the idea of selling the Croatian winger. While the club recently saying that Inter could not afford him, Ausilio stated that negotiations are still ongoing with the German side.

With talks dragging on, Mancini has begun to identify alternatives to Perisic, with two names getting the most traction so far. Genoa's Diego Perotti and Napoli's Dries Mertens are both attractive (and probably cheaper) Serie A-based options, so let's take a closer look at these two wingers.

Diego Perotti

The 27 year old winger arrived to play for Genoa last summer from Sevilla. His time at the Spanish club was interrupted fairly regularly with injuries, but this past season he stayed relatively healthy, starting 27 matches. During this time he scored 4 goals and had 5 assists. He spent most of his matches playing wide on the left, but also had appearances on the right side and as a central attacking midfielder.

Perotti only has two caps for the Argentinian national team (but given his competition for attacking spots in that side hat is pretty understandable). The current price being thrown around for Inter to buy him is €12m, possibly with €10m of that being spread out over a period of time.

Dries Mertens

When Mertens was first linked with Inter it was dismissed by many as another rumor without any credibility, especially given the fact that the last time a Napoli player was linked to Inter (Jose Callejon) his agent came out and emphatically denied any possibility of a move to the Nerazzurri. So when Mertens's agent spoke about the rumor the story was expected to be shut down, but that did not happen. His agent said that a move to Inter is not just a rumor but that it is a possible destination for the player.

Mertens first arrived at Napoli in the summer of 2013 (he was actually Benitez's first signing). This past season he made 33 Serie A appearances (12 of those coming off the bench) in which he scored 11 goals and recorded 5 assists. He also managed 2 goals in 4 Coppa Italia appearances and 2 assists in 6 Champions League appearances. Like Perotti his versatility allow him to play a variety of roles as a winger or attacking midfielder.

Mertens is a regular player for the Belgian national team, racking up 38 caps so far. A cash deal for the 28 year old would probably cost close to (or possibly more than) €20m, which is why Ausilio is looking to include Juan Jesus or possibly another Inter player in the deal.

For all we know Mancini is still hoping for a deal with Perisic and Perotti and Mertens are just fallback options being currently touted in the press in order to get Wolfsburg to soften their demands. Either way Ausilio has made it clear that there will be a new signing in the attack to replace Shaqiri, and it is looking like it will be one of these three.