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Calleri: Is Inter in or out?

Jonathan Calleri is heading to Bologna soon, but it's unclear if he will join Inter in June as previously planned.

According to the media, Inter's long term-transfer target has been Jonathan Calleri. The 22 year old striker has been pursued by the Nerazzurri for months now, and even made a deal with Bologna for them to take him on loan in January since Inter cannot currently add another non-EU player to their squad. But recently all that work has seemed in jeopardy, and there is uncertainty if Inter will actually acquire the player they have spent so long trying to sign.

Problems began to arise a few days ago, when reports surfaced that Inter were considering pulling out of the deal. This was due to the third-party ownership that Calleri has with Stellar Group, the investment company that owns a part of the young striker along with Boca Juniors. Things got even more confusing when some began to say that Boca had already sold all of their shares in Calleri to Stellar Group, who had then registered him with Uruguayan club Deportivo Maldonado. FIFA and UEFA are not fans of these types of deals, and it seems that Inter might be hesitant to further put themselves under scrutiny by these organizations.

Boca Juniors president Daniel Angelici later reaffirmed that the deal was still happening but after a few more days of silence, Calleri's father stated that if there was no confirmation that the move would happen by Sunday then they would pull out and the Argentinian striker would remain at Boca. Now today his father confirmed that Calleri would be going to Bologna in January, and said in June he "could" go to Inter. Some say that the current deal is entirely with Bologna and Inter is not directly tied to the transfer at all. Others say that Bologna have already agreed to give Inter an option to purchase at the end of the season.

At this point Inter needs to definitively decide if they want Calleri or not. If they do they need to make sure that they have a deal in place with Bologna (or Stellar Group, Boca Juniors, or whoever else is involved at this point). If not then the club needs to move on to other targets.