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Calleri will not be joining Inter

Calleri's father has informed the press that the young striker will be leaving Boca Juniors, but a move to Inter is no longer on the cards.

For quite some time it had seemed like Jonathan Calleri would be Inter's next striker. There had been rumors linking him to the club for months and an agreement to send him to Bologna until the summer had already been put in place. As we know however transfer deals often do not work out as smoothly as one would hope and now Calleri's father has pulled the plug on a possible move to Inter in the near future.

The problems all seemed to arise due to Calleri's third-party ownership which complicated the move and would see him first be sent to Uruguayan club Deportivo Maldonado before any other transfer could take place. Inter seemed hesitant to finalize a deal at this point and Calleri was in limbo while everyone tried to figure out what to do next.

Now his father has outlined the future plans for the 22 year old. He will go to Deportivo Maldonado as previously agreed to between the club, Boca Juniors, and his third party owners Stellar Group though it doesn't look like he will stay there long. He still wants to go to Italy but wants to go to a club that will properly focus on him and invest in him. His father claims that Inter did not show the proper respect and interest in his son and thus the move failed to materialize.

Calleri looked like a promising player but some deals just don't work out. This transfer falling apart could allow for Mancini to put more effort in his pursuit of Eder, while it also makes it less likely that Jovetic will leave in January as some reporters have indicated could occur.