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Could Suning make a splash for Inter Milan? Moratti seems to think so

Former Inter owner Massimo Moratti said the new Nerazzurri owners could make a big signing.

FC Internazionale Milano v AS Livorno Calcio - Serie A Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Sometime soon the Suning Group — current owners of Inter Milan — could make an “eye-catching” purchase, according to former Inter owner Massimo Moratti.

Speaking to Mi-Tomorrow, Moratti said he expects China-based Suning to “go after someone like Ronaldo” and do so “sooner or later.”

“When a great champion arrives, they give enthusiasm, but now [the club] need to find players that feel a sense of professional belonging, a duty to give their best to the team.”

— Massimo Moratti

It was 20 years ago this week that Moratti broke the world transfer record when he signed Ronaldo from Barcelona. He said he believes Suning will make a big purchase to “show they mean business,” according to Football-Italia.

Moratti said players will have to “display a character that they haven’t yet,” to new Inter boss Luciano Spalletti.

“… otherwise [Inter] need new reference points that inspire others.”

Now, we have discussed the extremely unlikely possibility that Cristiano Ronaldo comes to Inter, so that is a big splash that Suning won’t make.

But, that doesn’t mean that in the next few years the Chinese group won’t want to make a statement to the rest of Serie A in that they are not taking their ownership of the Nerazzurri lightly. I don’t expect this to happen right away. They are new owners still looking for their footing in the league.

Now, if we secure Champions League next season, I think talk will start to heat up over some potential big signings. Let’s be honest, without European football, the likelihood of us drawing in a big signing like a Roberto Firmino from Liverpool, Chicharito Hernandez from Bayern Leverkusen, Gareth Bale from Real Madrid or another big name.

A little something from Firmino

Granted Fiorentina’s Federico Bernardeschi and his €30 million market value would be a big signing, but not THAT big.

The thing here is Moratti has a point and it is likely that Suning is going to make a big purchase, but we shouldn’t get bent out of shape if that big purchase doesn’t happen this season.

But, at this point, we are hoping for any Mercato news from the San Siro that isn’t just some kind of a rumor.