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Maintaining Inter’s Champions League position is biggest team challenge

With no additions on the horizon, Luciano Spalletti will have to work his magic to keep Inter in third place on the Serie A table

ACF Fiorentina v FC Internazionale - Serie A Photo by Claudio Villa - Inter/Inter via Getty Images

With a week into the January transfer window, Inter Milan supporters patiently wait for what the club can add to solidify the squad for the second half of the season; however, it appears as the help isn’t on the way, thus Luciano Spalletti’s challenge is to keep Inter in the top three of Serie A with spot in next season’s Champions League at stake.

Currently third in Serie A, Spalleti has led Inter to a surprising start, but with limited options on offense and lack of depth, the club will have its work cut out for him as Roma and Lazio are on their heels.

This season is one from left-field, the club is currently rebuilding and didn’t expect these results so quickly. Inter holds a Champions League qualifier and is nine points back of Napoli for first place. With so much to play for, the supporters of the Nerazzurri want to see the squad improved, but appear as they won’t get their wish.

With one win in their last six matches, Spalletti shares the supporters frustration even stating that his 80-year-old mother can see their problems the squad has. Even with their issues, no funds appear on the horizon, which means this squad is what Spalletti will send out week after week.

Their only options are to sell players like Joao Mario to obtain money along with the funds they’ll receive from Liverpool’s sale of Phillipe Coutinho. Then, invest that money into loan transactions which are the only way talent will get influx into the squad.

It’s no surprise that the players potentially seeking a move to the San Siro are ones looking for more playing time.

For Inter, they’ll have to entice players such as Tottenham Hotspur’s Erik Lamela as a destination for those looking for playing time to impress their countries as the World Cup approaches this summer.

Their lack of depth, Inter can present itself as an option for those looking to impress current or future clubs with more playing time which is what Henrikh Mkhitaryan is looking to do as he seeks a move out of Old Trafford.

Nonetheless, Spalletti will keep Inter in matches with his style of play which he has throughout the season, but when there’s no offense from the likes of Mauro Icardi or Ivan Perisic, then it becomes a hairy predicament. Their faulty offensive attack leads to draws and defeats at the hands of opponents that they should take of which results in loss points.

Furthermore, worrying about where their offense will come from isn’t the only issue. Keeping bodies fresh is another task at hand for Spalletti who will have to pick and choose his rotations wisely. Serie A appears as though it has become a two-horse race between Napoli and Juventus.

The goal for Inter is simple, hold on to the third spot on the table by any means necessary. An unexpected birth in the Champions League would mark the season a success; however, maintaining this position with no additions is a challenge, the question is whether or not Spalletti is up for it.