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Inter Milan should look to build around and not sell Mauro Icardi

With rumors of Lautaro Martinez coming, Inter Milan should look to keep Mauro Icardi and build an attack centered around the two Argentines.

UC Sampdoria v FC Internazionale - Serie A Photo by Paolo Rattini/Getty Images

As Inter Milan awaits the arrival of Lautaro Martinez, rumors have begun to surface about the potential departure of Mauro Icardi. With money impacted their ability to make significant signings in the transfer market, the sale of the 25-year-old would inject cash into the club so they can address other needs; nonetheless, a move like this shouldn’t happen so quickly.

Three out of the past four seasons, Icardi has scored 20-plus goals in Serie A competition and along with Ivan Perisic are the engine for Inter’s attack. Furthermore, Icardi has improved his form over the past three seasons becoming one of the better (and underrated) strikers in Europe.

Using the per 90 metrics, it can show the upward projection of Icardi’s form and what Inter would have to replace. During the 2015/2016 season, Icardi averaged 1.98 shots per 90 while scoring an average of 0.56 goals and with a shot accuracy of 50%, terrible numbers by his standards.

Nonetheless, he’s returned to form as the last two seasons he’s average 3.24 and 3.18 shots per 90 respectively. Also, this season Icardi has put together the best accuracy of his career with nearly 68% of his shots being on target.

If Inter does decide to sell their striker, that would mean 47% of their goal production would depart from the Nerazzurri’s squad. Without Icardi, it would put a lot of pressure on Martinez to replace his fellow Argentine’s output which is a lot to ask for from the 20-year-old who will attempt to adjust to a new league and country.

Martinez might get thrown into an overwhelming situation that could hinder his production if he doesn’t produce the 20-plus goals that Icardi tends to generate. Also, if Inter can hang on, they could clinch a Champions League birth which means they’ll need Icardi if they want to compete against other European clubs.

Italy v Argentina - International Friendly Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Building a Potential Attacking with Icardi and Martinez

For a squad that struggles to generate offense, why offload talent if he’s shown no desire to leave. Furthermore, if Sunning wants to repair their relationship with the fanbase, building an attacking partnership with Icardi and Martinez could give supporters a glimpse of hope that Inter is moving in the right direction.

With the Martinez having one-foot in the door to the San Siro, Inter could take a page out of Juventus. They also use a 4-2-3-1 formation while employing two Argentine forwards of their own with Gonzalo Higuaín occupying the striker role as the number nine while Paulo Dybala plays as the number 10 as the attacking center-midfielder.

The only issue is that Rafinha currently holds this role, but if Inter decides not to buy him after the season then the roadblock becomes irrelevant; however, if Rafinha does remain with Inter after this season, it will make for an so it’s an intriguing situation that Luciano Spalletti could tinker with going forward.

Regardless, at Racing Club, Martinez is used to having an attacking partner, although at Inter it would look a little different seeing as one would become a supporting striker as they could seek to emulate what Juventus does with Dybala and Higuaín.

Money is an issue when it comes to Inter which has led to quiet transfer windows over the past couple of years, but this shouldn’t mean the club should sell their captain. If Inter is serious about returning to their contender status, then they need to build around Icardi.

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