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Moratti previews Saturday’s Derby d’Italia

What are the former Inter president’s thoughts on this weekend’s big match at San Siro?

FC Internazionale Milano v AS Livorno Calcio - Serie A Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Ahead of Saturday’s titanic showdown at San Siro between Inter Milan and Juventus, former Nerazzurri president Massimo Moratti spoke to Corriere dello Sport to discuss a clash he knows more than a fair bit about - having experienced it both as a young supporter and then as Inter president.

What is his fondest Derby d’Italia memory? Can Luciano Spalletti’s men defeat the Bianconeri this weekend? And does it matter that doing so would potentially deny their fiercest of rivals a seventh consecutive Scudetto?

Moratti’s answers to all of those questions can be found below.

FC Internazionale Milano Shareholders' Meeting Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

Moratti, which Inter-Juventus game do you have the fondest memories of?

“It’s a special game with a great appeal. There have been some incredible meetings down the years. It’s difficult to pick one in particular because we’ve won quite a few of them...”

Why don’t we give you a hand: what about Inter 2-0 Juventus from the Triplete season?

“Ah, well that one’s difficult to forget. That was a real statement performance which took us back to the top of the table.

“If I have to choose one game though I’d say the 6-0 win from when I was a child [during the 1953-54 season]. For a young supporter like I was back then it really was special to beat Juventus in that manner.”

There were plenty of memorable games with Juventus during your time as president, and not just in a positive sense...

“Best not to talk about certain things that happened in the past, not least because they’re irrelevant. The only thing that matters now is to win on Saturday.”

Have Inter got it in them to beat Juventus this weekend?

“I think Inter are in a good condition at the moment, even though they haven’t always picked up the results of late. They’ve proven it over the last few weeks.

“The wins against Cagliari and Chievo were important for the league table, but the race for the Champions League is going to go right to the final day of the season.”

When Inter will be going to the Olimpico, where you lost the Scudetto back in 2002...

“There’s no point looking too far ahead. In these situations you need to take one game at a time.

FC Internazionale Milano v Juventus FC - Serie A
Another era...
Photo by Massimo Cebrelli/Getty Images

“The players are chasing down an important objective and they shouldn’t be thinking about anything other than the game against Juventus - that’s already plenty to be thinking about on its own...”

Do you think Juventus are in trouble after the defeat against Napoli or are you worried that Inter will be up against a wounded animal on Saturday?

“Juventus remain a great team despite only having a one point lead at the top now. You have to play well and keep your concentration when you face them.”

Who do you think is going to win the Scudetto?

“I honestly don’t know, but for sure Napoli’s win in Turin has thrown the race wide open. It’s going to be an even more entertaining end to the season as a result.”

With what state of mind are you approaching Saturday’s game?

“With the mindset of a supporter, I’m hoping it ends well. For Inter that is...”

Would everything be downhill for Icardi and co. after this weekend if they managed to win?

“Downhill no, but securing a top four finish will certainly be easier for them if they can beat Juve.”

FC Internazionale v Cagliari Calcio - Serie A
Can Mauro Icardi do it again against Juventus on Saturday?
Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images

Which team is this match more important for?

“There are four games left this season with Juventus top of the table, one point ahead of Napoli, and Inter fifth, one point behind Roma and Lazio; a win would mean a huge deal for both teams.

“The stakes are high for both of them.”

Who do you think could be the match-winner for Inter this weekend?

“I have faith in Spalletti because he’s a great coach, and I hope he proves it again here.

“In any case, I’m convinced that the players are aware how important the objective that they’re chasing is for the club and how important games against Juventus are for the fans...”

An Inter win could potentially deny Juventus the Scudetto. Would that be an added bonus for the supporters?

“A win would be important for Inter and for their position in the table. That’s the only thing that matters.”