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Inter Milan have a right to be upset with Mauro Icardi

It’s the saga that just won’t go away.

FC Internazionale v SK Rapid Wien - UEFA Europa League Round of 32: Second Leg
Mauro Emanuel Icardi of FC Internazionale and his wife Wanda Nara attend the UEFA Europa League Round of 32 Second Leg match between FC Internazionale and SK Rapid Wien at San Siro on February 21, 2019 in Milan, Italy.
Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images

Reports ahead of Inter Milan’s Serie A clash with Cagliari Friday are that the Nerazzurri management are fumed at striker Mauro Icardi.

Calciomercato have reported Icardi and his wife/agent Wanda Nara are set to reject the latest contract offer for the Argentinian – one which would increase his wages to between €6.5 million and €7 million next season.

That fuels speculation that Icardi will leave Inter Milan in the summer.

I, for one, have no issue with the fact that the club is beyond frustrated with Icardi.

This drama has played out long enough.

For the last two weeks, this team has been embroiled in Icardi’s mess. From stripping him of the captaincy to his refusal to play and his “injury” – not to mention how the drama has been facilitated by Nara and her constant need to air the club’s laundry publicly – this drama has gone on long enough.

To top it off, Icardi posted a letter on social media that should have been an apology, but turned out to be nothing more than an ego-driven appeal.

He suggested that his “true love proves it’s in those moments that I decided to stay at Inter.”

“And despite everything, I’ve always decided to stay. And for the love of these colors,” Icardi’s post said. “I have refused offers that a professional player would hardly have refused, especially in similar conditions.”

He also mentioned the club’s recent issues with Financial Fair Play and that he has “always insisted on taking the field, even against medical advice.”

He went on to suggest “I do not know if at this moment there is love and respect toward the Inter and towards me by some who make the decisions.”

In terms of his decision to stay, well, all I can say is that was Icardi’s decision to make. If you make a decision to pass on a new job opportunity, regardless of the circumstances, that is on you. There is really no need to say Icardi has rejected other offers because, what does that matter?

That might have garnered some favor several months ago, but we are judged on our current actions more than on our past ones. Those current actions are that of a petulant child who didn’t get his way. So, now Icardi decides he won’t play because he didn’t get what he wanted.


I appreciate the past passion Icardi has shown for the club, but that is all for naught based on his current actions.

If you want to continue to be part of the club, sign the contract and get on the field. If not, don’t blow smoke and just say it is time to move on.

If Icardi believed this post was somehow going to put himself in the good graces of Inter fans, he was sorely mistaken … at this with this Inter fan.

How he has behaved and conducted himself over the last two weeks has proven that his love for the club can wane. And that shows more than this social media post does, in terms of Icardi’s character.

So, in that, I believe it is time to part ways with Icardi and get down to the business of making this team a Scudetto contender and a threat in Europe.

That isn’t going to happen so long as Inter is overshadowed by this senseless drama and pointless back-and-forth that you rarely see from any other club in Europe.

Inter should name the price, start entertaining offers and sell Icardi in the summer. Then, use those proceeds to find someone who can fit the bill.

There is simply too much at stake with this club and its future for it to be bogged down by needless self-aggrandizing from players.

But, I could be wrong.

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