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Inter Milan General Discussion Thread

In life, all good things must come to an end

The Final Stretch: Who qualifies for UCL?

Do the Nerazzurri have a shot?

There’s one big question we aren’t asking about Inter Milan

The season of ups and downs is almost at an end.

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Why is Inter Milan courting Diego Godin?

Editorial: Consistency needs to be the key for Inter Milan

Nerazzurri should stop ‘work in progress’ and settle.

The push for Champions League? What teams make the final cut?

Can Inter Milan hold on to make Europe again this season?

Serie 4: Statistical Analysis di Internazionale Milano

We analyse Inter’s performance through statistics

Editorial: Is Antonio Conte worth €12 million per year?

Apparently, Inter Milan seems to think so.

Editorial: Divisions are driving a wedge with Inter Milan fans

And it is time to put it to rest.

Unlikely that Milan Skriniar moves away from Inter Milan

The defender should sign an extension and stay with Nerazzurri.

The precarious position for Inter Milan

Entering what could be defined as a season-making week, the Nerazzurri are facing big challenges.

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Part 2: Spalletti's Disappointments in the Champions League

VAR-cical: An Interista view of the referee’s performance in Inter-Fiorentina

How the referee robbed Inter of three crucial points

Inter Milan preparing new contract for Mauro Icardi

Amid all the drama, club working on contract extension for Argentine striker.

Roundtable on the Mauro Icardi situation with Inter Milan

Inter made a big statement in stripping the Argentine of the captain’s armband

Is Jose Mourinho really set for Inter Milan move?

We’ve heard this before … in the last month actually.

Spalletti says Inter Milan issues are mental

But, really, are they?

Hot seat: Inter Milan manager Luciano Spalletti?

Is the Nerazzurri boss in danger? Should he be?

An interesting proposition: Inter Milan could swap Ivan Perisic

Wait, wait, wait … just hear me out on this one.

It may be the silly season, but look for Inter Milan to be smart

Probably not a lot of activity during the January transfer window for the Nerazzurri.

A roundtable on Luciano Spalletti’s future with Inter Milan

The SoM team looks at how the boss has fared thus far and what his future may be.

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Part 1: Spalletti's disappointments at Inter Milan thru December

Internazionale has played 25 games so far in the 2018-2019 season. After 19 games in Serie A, our beloved Nerazzurri entered this winter break at third place in the table with a record of 12-3-4, which has us five points behind Napoli and fourteen be4

Where should Inter Milan focus in the January transfer window?

A strong window could set the team up for the rest of the season

Ivan Perisic stayed at Inter Milan because of Luciano Spalletti

Was it the right move for the Croatian?

Despicable behavior plagues Inter Milan win

Crowd chants overshadow crucial victory.

Spalletti: Psychology to blame for Inter Milan draw

Yeah, but who’s fault is that?

Is Jose Mourinho a good fit for Inter Milan?

Weak reports suggest a reuniting could happen.

Serie 2: Statistical Analysis di Internazionale Milano

We analyse Inter’s performance through statistics

Inter Milan: Serie A title contenders?

Can this team pull it off?

How Inter Milan’s underachievers could actually be useful

A closer look at two fan favorites :-) and their possible contributions to our surging squad.

Inter Milan is really starting to look dangerous

Is the squad finally turning the corner?


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