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Yep, Another Internazionale Transfer Rumor

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Claudio Villa

Heavy rumor from various sources but mainly through La Gazzetta suggest that Inter and Milan are going to exchange Nocerino and Alvarez. Like the last rumor that came screaming out of La Gazzetta (see here if you haven’t already) I am going to throw a hefty bag of salt on this rumor.

The rumor probably starts with the sighting of Branca and the son of Banned from Football for Life Luciano Moggi, who is a player agent, meeting for lunch (no, the guy’s name isn’t that important, but I think it’s Alessandro, for the curious). The press has no way to know what was discussed but the long and the short is that the media has gone speculative on it, probably because it’s been one of those boring news days.

But the speculation itself is interesting. Even if it’s likely to be completely wrong – like it almost always is – there is something to learn here. Everyone knows that Alvarez has worn out his welcome at Inter and he’s either gone this season, or next. I don’t think that there is too much debate over this issue.

Secondly, I think that there is a perception that Mazzarri, unlike Strama, Claudio, Gasperini, or Rafa will get a chance to have his say in his first transfer market as the coach.

Mazzarri wants his players to run and get into positions fast and Alvarez over the 2 years or so he’s been here hasn’t proven able to do either of those things. Those fans who have been booing Alvarez earlier aren’t doing it because they think he’s working hard. On the contrary when he has been shown to be sacrificing and not giving up easily, the crowd responds positively for him. It’s not rocket science. We can all see that he has a beautiful touch on the ball, but what is less apparent is how dedicated he is.

Mazzarri has apparently been vocal of his appreciation with Nocerino because this is probably the 20th time I have read about his interest in the Milan midfielder since he took over the job. But I don’t know how I would feel about Nocerino for Alvarez. As a purely strategic fantasy the two are such a contrast of style that I am actually sitting here debating with myself if this would be a good deal or not. I think that Nocerino is probably a better fit than Alvarez is for Mazzarri. But I struggle to think why we would deal with Milan for that kind of player. Throw a rock and you’ll probably find a lot of players who are willing runners and midfield destroyers who aren’t from the team that would be happy to see Inter sink.

Okay so Alvarez’s rapidly declining reputation in and around the Inter offices could be a reason for this speculation. Check. Mazzarri given a bigger say in the building of next season's team. Check. Nocerino is probably a better fit. Check. Is there another?

Here’s one that I can think of – it’s like reality TV. Everyone knows that there are going to be about 6-8 people who are going to be voted off the island. There is only one person voting. And the newspaper that guesses that person’s whims somehows thinks that they will have undoubtedly won the undying loyal support of all football supporters who will unquestioningly turn to that source for their info repeatedly enough for advertisers to shovel money at them. Or something. Also the person responsible for the purely speculative correct guess will be on the fast track to being a market all by himself – he’ll be like an "industry expert" to be hired only at the top rates and his words will be like gold spilling from his lips. The only question is what product this "industry" would be responsible for making.

Additionally, he’ll be able to perform the journalist’s taunt- "I told you so!"

I can definitely relate to that one.