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Is There a Deal With Isla?

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A large hurdle in acquiring a new winger seems to have been cleared.

Claudio Villa

La Gazzetta is headlining a possible deal between Inter and Isla the Udinese winger who is half owned by Juventus. Isla spent a large portion of last season sitting on the trainers table, but nonetheless Mazzarri has allegedly decreed that he wants at least one new winger and that Isla fits the bill.

It's probably worth mentioning at this point that there is no deal with either Juventus or Udinese. The half that seems to get more press is Juventus' half with reports that the two clubs were around €2 million apart. That, I am assuming here, is where all the garbage "x to Juventus" headlines come from, where x is an Inter player worth more than either the 7.5 million that Juventus claim is what their half of Isla is worth or the €2 million or so that makes up the difference of the two clubs' assessment of Isla.

If the past is any indication, the two clubs will meet somewhere in the €5 or 6 million range, if the will of the player is to move.

Funnily enough, there is no mention of the Udinese half of the player being up for sale. Now, logically it might be more sensible for Inter to negotiate with Juventus since their agreement with Udinese states that the player physically joins their half of the deal. Also, if the two large clubs both own a half, the resulting time consuming tug of war for the balance of the card might be something that both teams want to avoid. After all, we aren't talking Lionel Messi, here.

I only bring this up because if Inter want that other half, they'll have to deal with Udinese and that's always a pain in the drain. There are good relations between the two clubs, or so I have read, but that make any real difference... at least that's the way I see it. Udinese will only deal nice if they think they can unload one more of the boat load of players they bring over every year at Inter in the future.

Personally, I don't really know what to think of Isla. I don't rate him especially highly, but "competent" might be a pretty big improvement over some players that we have around here. I am much too tired to look this up but I think he's younger than Basta, the other player that we are associated with that I am oh so excited over, so he has that working for him, I guess. My first exposure to the player was his own goal that won Inter a game some years ago. Since then, that's what I associate with him. So you can imagine **yawn** my excitement at this rumor. Last summer I know that there was a big auction for his services that Juventus "won", so there is some regard for his level of play in and around Serie A.

Look, if he works out, great. But I reserve the right to be skeptical over this whole thing. I am already wary of the man wearing the shirt. He already proclaimed that his dreams have come true with his transfer to Juventus. If that's the case, then why okay a deal to Inter? Why doesn't he just live his dream in peace?

Like I said, skeptical.