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Official: Inter, Bayern agree to terms over Xherdan Shaqiri

Shaqiri is officially a Nerazzurro! Sorry, not sorry Liverpool.

It seems the recent Xherdan Shaqiri transfer saga is over, and the Swiss winger has chosen to become an Inter Milan player! This comes after reports that Piero Ausilio was in late talks with Bayern officials this morning and that Shaqiri was excused from training this afternoon in order to sit in on the final stages of the negotiations between the two sides.

What's more, Shaqiri reportedly pressured Bayern to turn down a higher offer from Liverpool so that he could make a preferred move to Inter. Sorry, not sorry Liverpool. (But please still consider giving us Lucas Leiva.)

After multiple claims that the negotiations between the two sides were in the final stages yesterday, we finally have some (kind of) tangible news to report regarding the proposed final contract between Inter and Bayern.

Shaqiri is set to become an Inter player, with an official announcement from Bayern expected either this evening or early next morning. Multiple sources across Europe, including German publication Gild, have already released details contained in the proposed final contract.

This article from blog Sempre Inter contains tweets from two Italian reporters who were covering the deal in Munich which reveal some of the terms. Most of the numbers reported for the deal from other outlets look like this: Inter will pay €2 million for a 6-month loan, then the Italian side will be set to pay somewhere between €12-15 million to Bayern come June on a forced redemption clause - bringing the total cost for the 23-year-old playmaker to a possible €18 million.

This number is certainly higher than previously reported, and higher than many would've thought Inter would be able to shell out for Shaqiri. But the dividends have the potential to be huge. Shaqiri is a gifted technical player with a pretty good work rate. Can you imagine - Icardi up top, Podolski, Shaqiri, and Palacio behind him with service from Kovacic?

The Inter attack is shaping up nicely for Mancini's desired 4-2-3-1 formation, and several of those key players in the attack have years ahead of them. Let's just hope Icardi doesn't get snatched up by another huge club in the summer. Are you guys excited? Because I'm excited.

Seriously, what do you think of the deal? Sound off below.