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Lautaro says he hasn’t spoken with Dybala regarding Inter pairing

FBL-COPA AMERICA-2019-ARG-TRAINING Photo credit should read JUAN MABROMATA/AFP via Getty Images

Of the many names linked with Inter in recent months, few have been as consistent and made as much sense as Paulo Dybala. The Argentine attacker’s contract is wrapping up with Juventus and a move to Inter has been the main topic in regards to his future.

His teammate on the Argentine national team, one Lautaro Martinez, says that he hasn’t spoken with Dybala about a move to Inter. In fact, when speaking to each other, they aren’t allowed to say the names of football clubs at all.

Alright, I made that part up. Here are his actual quotes.

“We haven’t touched on the subject. We talked about many things, about his situation and everything, but today he thinks about the national team and his future will be decided when these games are over.

“He is a player with a lot of quality, personality and I hope he plays where he feels most comfortable, where he is happy.”

Martinez | Source

There’s a chance that they haven’t literally spoken about Inter, but I find it strange that two guys just chit-chatting wouldn’t at least joke around about it. Anyways, I hope to see Dybala at Inter next season.