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Luis Suarez. Go. (UPDATED)

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We take a break out of regularly scheduled programming for *drumroll*... The bite seen 'round the world.

Caption this.
Caption this.
Matthias Hangst

I have no words for Luis Suarez's actions of allegedly biting Giorgio Chiellini, so it's a good thing that a picture is worth a thousand words :)

Here's a collection of pictures, GIFs, memes, tweets and vines, that we've come across ever since "The Bite" occurred.

Oh yeah, the important stuff: FIFA has decided to open disciplinary hearings against Suarez.  Read the official press release here. If he is found guilty, he might face a two year ban in all of football.

UPDATED - FIFA has found Suarez guilty and has banned him for four months from any football capacity, nine FIFA matches starting with the upcoming 2014 World Cup knockout round, and 100,000 Swiss Francs. He has also been banned from entering any stadium. Read the official press release here.

What do you think about the inquiry, possible punishment and fallout?  Or do you have a pic or meme that is your personal fave? Let us know... so we can all have a good, hearty laugh.

First off, the actual bite, courtesy of our community's own Drewseph:


Now, everything else:

Check out the hot, new children's game!

This has summer blockbuster written all over it.  Except to Chiellini.

Video technology isn't just for goals:

You know this is big when TMZ gets a hand in it:

Even bigger when companies start meme-ing:

McDonald's Uruguary couldn't help it, either:

And of course, the most famous athlete to have been on the end of a biting attack had this to say:

Finally, here's the trilogy of Suarez's bites: