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World Cup Bracketology - Sweet Sixteen!

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The group stages are done and over and it's time to get down to the nitty gritty. REMEMBER TO MAKE YOUR SWEET SIXTEEN PICKS!

Saphir Taider and Algeria move on
Saphir Taider and Algeria move on
Philipp Schmidli

The sixteen teams have been decided and now it's time to separate the contenders from the pretenders.  There have been many upsets throughout this World Cup, as favorites Spain were eliminated early with England, Italy, and Portugal all heading back to Europe.

We currently have a very competitive group participating in the SB Nation Inter Bracketology challenge.  The top eight players are only separated by eight points, which means correct picks and scores are only getting more important as points rewarded only go up from here.

Our Top 3 look like this:


There are five people tied for fourth at 68 points and we have a total of 29 people taking part in all the fun.  While I was bringing up the rear through the first three match days, I've come on somewhat strong and now sit in the top half of the bracket at 13.

I briefly mentioned the point increase from this point on, and here is the breakdown for the coming matches

  • Round of 16: 4 pts/winning pick, 4 pts/correct score
  • Quarter Final: 6 pts/winning pick, 6 pts/correct score
  • Semi Final: 8 pts/winning pick, 8 pts/correct score
  • Third Place: 6 pts/winning pick, 6 pts/correct score
  • Final: 10 pts/winning pick, 10 pts/correct score
Here is the upcoming schedule for the Round of 16:

  • Brazil v Chile
  • Colombia v Uruguay
  • Netherlands v Mexico
  • Costa Rica v Greece
  • France v Nigeria
  • Germany v Algeria
  • Argentina v Switzerland
  • Belgium v USA
Remember to make your picks and to finalize them 5 minutes before kickoff!

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