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Lukaku reportedly agrees to terms with Inter

Chelsea v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

Sometimes you write a blog post that feels like some sort of a comedy bit or like we’re living in the Marvel multiverse, this is one of those times.

According to reports from Italy, Romelu Lukaku has come to personal terms with Inter Milan. Now, that’s far from anything actually happening. The biggest and likely impossible hurdle is Chelsea being convinced to let Lukaku go. The deal would be a massive loan deal that eventually leads to Inter being forced to pay a hefty fee for his staying, something that they likely aren’t going to be willing to do.

The only way we’re likely to see Lukaku at Inter is if Chelsea sour so much on the deal that they’re willing to take a massive loss on him. That would mean other clubs, including Bayern, aren’t willing to at least take a somewhat significant risk on the Belgian that sees Chelsea regain some of the lost funds.